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What is heeat resistant steel performance?

一、1.4848,(Hk40)The steel to heat resistant steel, austenite size has good high temperature oxidation resistance and high temperature strength. The organization stability and good welding performance. Using the maximum temperature of 1150 ~ 1150 ℃, under the condition of 1000 ℃ or less use was very good hot strong sex. In 650 ~ 900 ℃ under the conditions of use for a long time, because of carbide precipitation and alpha, reduce toughness; Due to the high sulphur content in steel, the corrosion resistance of low carbon Cr25Ni20 steel. Although the steel to heat resistant steel is widely used, but it does not have the corrosion,resistance of stainless steel. The steel is usually used in the manufacture of a variety of items within the furnace, such as partition, clamp, slide, furnace roll, muff cans, radiant tube and petroleum chemical industry of the synthetic ammonia hydrogen manufacturing conversion furnace, furnace tube of ethylene cracking furnace, etc
C                     Si              Mn          Cr                Ni             S        P
0..30~0.50    ≤1.0~2.5    ≤1.5     24.0~26.0  19.0~20.0  ≤0.03    ≤0.03

二、1.4841 ,The steel belongs to heat resistant steel austenite size, antioxidant and carburizing resistance is better than 1 cr25ni20, is also a better general corrosion resistance. The highest temperature can reach 1200 ℃. Toughness, 1 cr25ni20 steel weldability is slightly lower. Continuous use of maximum temperature of 1150 ℃; Intermittent use temperature is 1050 ~ 1050 ℃. The steel is mainly used in the manufacture of various components of heating furnace, such as synthetic ammonia equipment high temperature furnace tube, heat pipe, the radiant tube heating furnace, roller heating furnace and the combustion chamber components, etc.
 C              Si           Mn         Cr                 Ni                   S              P
≤0.20    1.5~2.5    ≤2.0    24.0~26.0    19.0~22.0    ≤0.030      ≤0.035
三、 4cr25ni35si2 (1.4852)is austenite size heat resistant steel. The nickel steel containing high, compared with four cr25ni20si2, has good resistance to carburizing, high rupture strength, and organize more stability, ageing brittle tend to be smaller. This steel is commonly used in 1000 ℃ above requirements higher comprehensive properties of components such as a pot plant furnace pipe, ethylene cracking furnace, furnace bottom roll, radiant tube and furnace tube sheet and tube support, etc. This steel is mainly used for more general casting and centrifugal casting tube used
       C                Si               Mn          Cr                 Ni              S              P     Nb
0.35~0.45       ≤1.0~2.5     ≤1.5      24.0~26.0    33~35      ≤0.040    ≤0.030   1.2~1.8
四、ZG4Cr28Ni48W5Si2,(2.4879),This is a high alloy steel austenite size heat resistant cast steel. Steel containing 5% high nickel and tungsten, he within 1000 ~ 1200 ℃ high temperature, high strength, resistance to oxidation and carburizing resistance. Will not appear in use of alpha phase, and the linear expansion coefficient of steel than 4 cr25ni20si2 (HK40) is small, heat shock improved. It mainly as a 1100 ~ 1200 ℃ (1250 ℃) sometimes can also be used to require strength high furnace with the heat resistant components such as radiant tube and furnace bottom roll, transform, roll, nozzle, muff cover, fan and other various furnace supports. Besides Supertherm steel cr25ni35co15si2 (4), 4 cr28ni48w5si2 steel is the performance of the heat resistant materials used in the highest one. But steel
       C                Si              Mn        Cr              Ni            W       S             P
0.35~0.50     ≤1.5~2.5     ≤1.5      27.~3.0      47.~50    4~6    ≤0.040     ≤0.030   
五、3 cr24ni7sinre steel is based on three cr24ni7sin steel adding cerium, lanthanum 0.2 ~ 0.3%. After joining the rare earths, obviously improve the steel during 1100 ~ 1200 ℃ antioxidant properties, and improve the steel in the as-cast lasting strength, improve the hot working performance. So that the main performance of steel are met or exceeded 4 cr25ni20si2 (HK40 steel level. The steel can replace cr25ni20si2 Cr23Ni18 and 2, 4 cr25ni20si2 part such as steel and replace Cr25Ni35, Cr28Ni48W5 steel production in 950 ~ 1200 ℃ within the scope of work of all kinds of heat resistant steel members. 
      C                Si        Mn         Cr                   Ni            N              Re                S          P 
0.30~0.40   1.3~20.   ≦2.0    23.0~26 .0    7.0~8.5  0.20~0.30  0.20~0.30      ≤0.030      ≤0.035

六、3 cr24ni7sin austenitic antioxidant is steel, has good comprehensive mechanical properties. In less than 1100 ℃ has good oxidation resistance, applicable to manufacturing in 950 ~ 1100 ℃ using various heat resistant steel, high strength required components, such as silicon steel sheet cover annealing furnace furnace, furnace roll at the end of the roll, radiant tube, reaction tank and conversion furnace tube, etc. The steel can take the place of high cr-ni Cr18Ni25Si2, Cr23Ni18, Cr25Ni20Si2, Cr25Ni40 steel, etc. The steel furnace bottom roll has been used for many years, the effect is good; Made of the drum of mill, the service life of over use Cr25Ni20Si2 steel drum
 C                   Si             Mn            Cr           Ni               N               S               P
0.30~0.40   1.3~20.    ≦2.0    23.0~26.   0 7.0~8.5    0.20~0.30  ≤0.030    ≤0.030    

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